November 30, 2012 – There was more going on at Rams Park yesterday than NFL players’ practice. American Red Cross held a luncheon in the Ram’s owner’s office to host the volunteers who helped launch the Holiday Mail for Heroes Campaign to honor soldiers. This :30 commercial that SpotMPG and FK Studio created was also part of the presentation.

Paul Nordmann with FK Studio was commissioned by Fleishman-Hillard to capture stills for the campaign, and Spot was asked to help produce a :30 commercial for use at both the Edward Jones dome and on-air. The concept of the campaign is simple: everyone can take a few moments to sign a card to be sent overseas to soldiers who are away from their families for the holidays. The luncheon kicked off with the Chief Operating Officer for St. Louis Rams, Kevin Demoff, emphasizing the NFL being an avenue for us to communally raise awareness of causes like the American Red Cross. Next, Cindy Erickson, Chief Executive Officer Greater Saint Louis Region of the American Red Cross, announced that last year there were over 4,000 cards sent to soldiers from the St. Louis area and in 2012 to date there are over 21,000 cards being sent. Keynote speaker and Senior Vice President of the American Red Cross, Sherri Brown, captivated the audience with stories of how they “bring humanity to inhumane circumstances”. Brown then presented the commercial to the volunteers. American Red Cross Interim Chief Development Officer, Jill Myers, said, “The video gave me cold chills.” Jill wasn’t the only one, because when aired at the Ram’s game on November 18, Brown stated, “We had more NFL fans sign cards than any other team so far”. Like the Rams fans, after the “chill-giving” video clip played at the luncheon, attenders couldn’t help but act immediately. They were literally grabbing blank cards off the table to take back to their offices to have co-workers sign for the soldiers. On a cliff hanging climax, American Red Cross concluded with thanking all volunteers and individually recognizing sponsors that made this campaign a success. Spot MPG and FK Studio were honored to work alongside Fleishman-Hillard being a part of a movement sweeping the nation and certainly the hearts of 21,000+ soldiers around the world.

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