Mark Katzman of FK Studio was recently approached by Fleishman Hillard to partner up on some new commercials for Kräftig Light beer, a new brew here in St. Louis. The commercials use a common thread of “Reinheitsgebot”, or the German Beer Purity Law. Lynn Hensel and Rick Hensel of Spot, coinciding with Spot’s partnership with FK, shot in FK’s studio on the RED Cinema Epic. Chris Malacarne provided bottle styling, along with Mike Flannery serving as gaffer, and Jim Langley serving as co-gaffer and impromptu hand model. First pass color grading was conducted on-site by Tim Snider of Spot, using Davinci Resolve. Final commercials were edited by FH’s Adam Reichmann, with final color grading by Jason Poole of Spot. Grading was achieved using Davinci Resolve. You can check out one sample of the commercials above, and production stills are below.

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